Master Enchanter at Black Iron


Short of stature but bright in personality and hair color, Gimliff is almost too strange looking to be real. His skin is a light washed out blue and his hair is the green of well watered summer grass – his eyes a piecing gold and mischievous. He has a large almost human sized nose and bright wide eyes and an overstated button mouth. He is over fond of wearing goggles that match his outfit which is always ostentatious and over the top though carefully matched to his brilliant hair color.


Though born to a Gnomish family living in New Sharn, Gimliff was so gifted at Enchanting that his parents paid the high price for him to travel to Io’Lokar and learn from the leading Gnome experts in all of Argonnessen. He has made the journey from New Sharn to Io’Lokar and back twice and he secretly looks forward to when he might be able to do it again. Danger excites the little guy as does anything and everything which gives him an excuse to do something out of the ordinary.

On his second trip to Io’Lokar he befriended a Warforge named Chanter and when he left the Magic City for the second time, he brought his companion with him.

His specialization is “Ebonsmith”


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