Warthorn Redbeard

Owner of the Red Dragon Inn


An old stout dwarf whose balding on top but has an illustrious thick red beard which he wears loose in the back but braids into three thick braids in front. He wears stout – if seemingly expensive – adventurer’s clothing as if he might still go running off to answer the call of his wanderlust at any moment. He famously carries a bottle of Dwarven firewater with him everywhere that he goes.


Warthorn Redbeard is rumored to be the last of the great adventurers. A venerable aged dward, some say that he has lived long enough to remember when Dragons walked around as Dragons rather than masquerading themselves as other humanoids. Most people say that he was not born in New Sharn but was born to a Dwarven clan from The Light and that he may have helped the Dragons battle the hordes trying to free Tiamat in his youth. In either case, he has owned The Red Dragon Inn for as long as anybody can remember and does quite well for himself in his retirement years.

Warthorn Redbeard

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