Many generations ago, a subset of the Draconic population calling itself “The Warders” emerged who fought valiantly to empower the lesser races. Thus Io’lokar’s sister city, Io’vakas, was born. Built out of great dragon magics mixed with two humanoid ingenuity – it was the first Free City of the continent of Argonnessen. Many among the dragon’s opposed the empowerment of the humanoids and, a few generations later, their fears were proved correct. A small group of humans began to show signs of gaining Draconic power: human sorcery. So angered were some of the rogue dragons of The Vast that they used their great breath weapons to burn the city to the ground/

Still, the great golden Wyrm Arnaarlasha gathered a few loyal followers around her and together they protected the last 1,000 survives of the great city of Io’vakas from the dragon hordes who sought to destroy them. She herded the survives to her own territory nearby and declared them her own free subjects and Io’lokar was born. Born out of great defeat, the greatest magical city in all of Eberron was born.

Io’lokar is a city of great magical innovation. It’s very walls are infused with Draconic magic making it glow through out the night without the need for fires or lanterns. Even the lowliest physical laborer in the city of Wisdom has received a basic education and all of it’s residents can read and cypher at a rudimentary level. It’s greatest wizards and arch-mages have knowledge that surpasses any but the great Wyrms of the continent. Io’lokar also have an innovation that is missing elsewhere on Argonessen: artifice. Great warforged patrol the streets and man the forges were humanoids don’t dare to tread. It is said that you can buy anything of magical value in Io’lokar – for a price. Foreigners just find that the price is often not what they imagined it to be.

Notable Organization: The Wyrm Wizards

Leadership: The Masters of Io’lokar
Demographics: 19% human, 15% elf and half elf, 15% gnome, 12% goblin and hobgoblin, 12% dwarf, 12% Vishkanya, 8% Spellscale, 5% orc and half orc, 2% other (kobold, halfling, shifter).
Trade: Magic Items, Scrolls, Potions, Artifice objects


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