Languages on Argonessen

Abyssal ¹ – spoken by Demons of Shavarath

Argon – spoken by creatures of Argonessen, the “common” language of Argonessen

Aquan ¹ – spoken by water based creatures

Auran ¹ – spoken by air based creatures

Celestial ¹- spoken by the Archons of Shavarath

Common ¹ – spoken by the humanoids of Khovaire, similar to Argon but without the Draconic nuances

Daan ¹ – spoken by Formians and lawful outsides of Daanvi

Daelkyr ¹ – spoken by the Daelkyr, mindflayers, abberations and other creatures of Xoriat

Low Draconic – a creole dialect of High Draconic and goblin spoken kobolds, troglodytes, lizardfolk including Vishkanya and Dragons

High Draconic ¹ – spoken by True Dragons and (assuredly) the Gods

Druidic ¹ – Druid only, secret language

Dwarven – spoken by Dwarves and other creatures of the deep

Elven – spoken by Elves and Drow

Giant ¹ – spoken by Ogres, Giants and Drow

Goblin – spoken by Goblins, Hobgoblins and Bugbears

Halfling – spoken by Halflings

Ignan ¹ – spoke by fire based creatures

Inferna ¹ – spoken by the devils of Shavarath

Irial ¹ – spoken by Ravids, positive energy users of Irian

Kythric ¹ – spoken by Slaadi, chaotic outsides of Kythri

Mabran ¹ – Spoken by Nightshades, Shadows and creatures of Mabar

Orc – spoken by Orcs

Quor ¹ – spoken by Quori, the Inspired and Kalashtar

Risian ¹ – spoken by ice based creatures

Sylvan ¹ – spoken by dryads, eladrins and creatures of Thelantis

Syranian ¹ – spoken by angels of Syrania

Terran ¹ – spoken by Xorn and other Earth based creatures

Undercommon – spoken by Chokers and any creatures who live in the Underdark – ie – dwarves, drow, durgers, vishkanya etc.

¹ – uncommon language, must have GM approval to take

Languages on Argonessen

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