Rav Magar

In the wilds of The Light, lizardfolk rule supreme. Away from the prying eyes of the more traditional “humanoid” races the kobolds, hobgoblins and goblinoids of Argonnessen make their fortress city states. The greatest of them – and seat of the goblinoid “empire” on Argonnessen is the trade city of Rav Magar – where East meets West. Set on the edge of the inhospitable Acid Green where the Black Dragon Flights make their homes, Rav Magar is the singular point of contact between the rigid flights of The Thousand and the wilderness of The Light.

Home to many of the undesirables among the humanoid races, Rav Magar is a city where it is more common to hear the guttural orcish or goblin tongues, or even Draconic than it is Common. It’s inhabitants are born and bred warriors whose only chance of survival in the harsh edges of civilization is to be tougher than iron. As a requirement of residence in the city, each adult member must serve in the Guard for 1 month out of every year and all but the highest skilled tradesmen or pregnant women must answer the call when War is on the horizon.

The citizens of Rav Magar have a strong relationship with both the Dragons of the Light of Siberys and the Black Dragons of The Acid Green. Both groups of Dragonkind have seen proof over generation of how resourceful the Goblinoid city can be – both in movement of trade products and defending against the inevitable rise of the Cult of the Dragon Below. The goblinoids do not tolerate any followers of Tiamat within their city and will kill them or turn them over to the Light of Siberys as situation permits.

As to the other lesser races, the citizens of Rav Magar see them infrequently and are bemused at best by the frailty of the elves. It is not uncommon for a band of dwarves to seek refuge in the city (though it is said that they have their own means of transportation through the Dark below) and the goblinoids accept the Vishkanya and Spellscales as honorary members of their own species, if not peculiar ones. They have met enough humans to know better than to judge one by it’s race alone.

Leadership: Military
Demographics: 35% Hobgoblin, 35% Goblin, 10% Vishkanya, 7% Orc or Half Orc, 7% Dwarf, 4% Spellscale, 1% Kobold. 1% Other (Human, Elven, Half Elven, Gnome, Halfling, Shifter)
Trade: Basic Supplies, Armor, Weapons, Military Grade Magic Items

Rav Magar

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