Through centuries of interactions with Dragons on the continent, the humanoid inhabitants of Argonnessen worship religion similarly to their ancestors and yet, also, markedly different. The major difference is that all of the fifteen gods are considered to be a part of the Sovereign Host (rather than the separation of the Nine and the Dark Six seen on Khovaire) and that both the Draconic Gods and the Progenitor Dragons are available for worship should a person be exposed to them and willing.

Most dragons worship an amalgam religion called Thir though many take one particular member of the Sovereign Host as their patron deity and seek to emulate them so that they might ascend to their greatness upon their passing.

Certain Dragons require their vassals and slaves to worship them as living deities or living embodiment of the sovereign hosts.

Gnomes in particular worship a special deity known as Wer Itheikir Repifil.

Though it is frowned upon by all but the most depraved of True Dragon on Argonnessen, there are those that choose to worship Khyber. Most form small sub groups known as The Cult of the Dragon Below.


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