Shifters, also known as the weretouched, are one of the intelligent races inhabiting Eberron. With both humans and lycanthropes among their distant ancestors, shifters posses just a small portion of their forefathers’ shape-shifting abilities. They cannot transform wholly into an animal but can instead shift parts of their body to become animal-like for short periods of time. Though the Shifter were hunted to near extinction on the continent of Khovaire, their distant cousins who live in the wilds of The Vast remain unaffected by these events.

Almost all of the shifters in Argonnessen are found in the vast where they can use their feral tendencies to their best abilities. Some travel in massive packs while others take Ranger class levels to act and guides and selling their services to the other races who struggle to survive in the inhospitable environment.

Shifters have a strange relationship with Dragons. The more savage of the species see a kinship to these feral humanoids and often raise them up as Overlords within their territories.

Shifter Traits
Each shifter trait has some associated minor behavior that most of its members exhibit. As with other aspects of shifter psychology, these are general impressions of the shifter race as a whole rather than strict rules that every individual must adhere to. Because members of other races often find shifters hard to accept or get along with, these traits have negative connotations.

Beasthide: Beasthide shifters are blunt and rude; they often speak loudly and interrupt others.

Cliffwalk: Cliffwalk shifters are often shy and introverted.

Dreamsight: Dreamsight shifters are usually calm and contemplative, especially when compared to other shifters.

Gorebrute: Gorebrute shifters are loud and aggressive. They are more likely to threaten violence than most individuals.

Longstride: Longstride shifters are aloof and prideful.

Longtooth: Longtooth shifters are savage and almost feral.

Razorclaw: Razorclaw shifters respect little other than physical power.

Swiftwing: Swiftwing shifters are twitchy and nervous.

Truedive: Truedive shifters are remote and somewhat callous.

Wildhunt: Wildhunt shifters are suspicious and untrusting.

Notable Zones: The Vast
Notable Cities: none

Creature Type Humanoid (Shapechanger)
Advancement By character class
Size Medium
Ability Modifiers +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence,
-2 Charisma
Favored Class Ranger


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