It is known that all arcane spell casting abilities derives originally from the blood of the Dragons, and Spellscales are proof of this belief. Born of a pairing of sorcerous parents, Spellscales are a considered a race onto themselves – similar and yet apart from the race(s) of their parents. These spellscaled children resemble a dragon more strongly than most of the humanoids – they often have thick scaly skin and slanted slitted eyes like that of a snake or lizard. They are often mistaken for being Vishkanya, hobgoblins or kobolds and are sometimes hunted down by organizations such as the Watchdogs for their association with Dragonic power and magic. Many see them to be the purest incarnation of draconic magic within the non-dragon races and in some circles they are treated with great reverence.

That said, the life of a Spellscale is a hard and solitary one. From a young age, Spellscales are made to realize their difference even from their own parents and few grow up with close friends. The quintessential outsider, they often take to adventuring in the hopes of finding others like themselves or at least a place of greater understanding and acceptance.

In some places of larger humanoid populations, such as the Free Cities of New Sharn and Io’lokar, there are small communities comprised entirely of Spellscales who have found commonality among their own kind. These communities will accept any Spellscale into their ranks with little to no prompting, but are wary of all other outsiders. Spellscales only mate with their own kind and produce full Spellscale offspring though few choose to reproduce due to the stigma given to their race by the other humanoids. They are an insular people who tend to revere the Draconic Gods rather than the fifteen worshiped more often by the humans.

How well Spellscales get along with Dragons seems to be entirely determined by the individual Spellscale (or Spellscale community) and the individual dragon. It does not appear that Dragons take any more particular interest in Spellscales than in other humanoids, though the larger number of Spellscales in the cities where humanoids and dragons work more closely side by side may prove otherwiise.

Spellscales are born with innate sorcerous abilities. All spellscales must take Sorcerer as their class at first level and it is always their Favored Class.

Racial Traits:
– +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution – Spellscales are charming creatures, but often quite frail
– Medium Sized
– Base Land Speed: 30 ft.
– Low Light Vision
– Humanoid (Dragonblood): Spellscaled as a humanoid with the Dragonblood subtype. For all racial effects, the Spellscale is considered to be a Dragon.
– Automatic Languages: Common and Draconic
– Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, High Draconic*
– Favored Class: Sorcerer


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