The Light

Said to be the battleground between the Armies of Dragonkind and the great Rakshasa Overlords of the Demon Wars, the Light of Siberys is a unforgiving place. The land still bears the scars from the Age of Demons – huge swaths of land were nothing will grow despite water and ample sunlight, lands were battles seem to rage still even though the warriors that fought died many centuries beforehand.

Still, life will thrive even in the hardest conditions. The heartier races find their home in the lands of the Light, if only, perhaps, because they are not welcome elsewhere. Hobgoblins, goblins and kobolds have vast tribes dedicated to fighting off the demon hoards from Khyber and the hearty dwarves mine the plentiful mountain ranges with little notice to the terrors in the valleys below. Brave adventurer’s seek out the battlefields of the First War hoping to find lost artifacts of wealth and knowledge, though often at a price.

The truth is that The Light holds a horror that even the True Dragons fear. In the far North is a great fortress known simply as Pit of Five Sorrows that is guarded at all times by a full contingent of Dragons who have dedicated their lives to it’s preservation. Within it’s depths lies the dragonshard which holds the essence of Tiamat, the Daughter of Khyber, and greatest Overlord of them all. It is said that no Dragon can withstand the pull of Tiamat forever and that the Chromatic Dragons are especially susceptible to falling under her sway. Year after year Cults form to The Dragon Below and year after year they attack the Pit of Five Sorrows, hoping to free Khyber’s one daughter and restart the Demon Wars.

Thankfully, Dragonkind manages to keep the hoards of the Dragon Below at bay and it is mostly due to the dedication of the Warriors of the Light Рalso called the Light of Siberys. This contingent of dragons lives to the South in the fortress at Verthicha’vivex where they keep a vigilant eye on the lands of Argonnessen. They fight to protect the continent from all perils but most extensively, to keep the lands free of the influence of Tiamat.

Racial Breakdown in the Light: 25% Dwarven, 25% Hobgoblin, 20% Kobold, 10% Vishkanya, 7% Goblin, 5% Gnome, 5% Orc/Half Orc, 2% Human, 1% Other (Elven, Half Elven, Halfling, Shifter and Spellscale)

The Light

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