The Tapestry

Built on the idea that the Dragons of The Thousand are hidebound fools hanging on to traditions that no longer suit the needs of the dwindling Draconic races of Eberron, The Tapestry was intended to be a sanctuary where True Dragons could come together regardless of Color or Ancestry. Known as the “Tapestry of Thought” in draconic, it has become a safe haven for rogue dragons and humanoids alike.

In the modern day, The Tapestry is teeming with humanoid life. The Tapestry is home to the Free Cities of Argonnessen, most notably the metropolitan city of New Sharn. In New Sharn humanoids live out there lives without any influence of Dragonkind at all – or at least so they think. In truth, many of the residents of New Sharn are polymorphed Dragons who have lived for generations among the short lived residents of the city. That Dragons live within New Sharn is a badly kept secret and WHY is entirely dependent upon the Dragon. Some seek to study humankind in hopes of better understanding their role in the Draconic Prophecies, other’s see chances of great wealth and prestige in the manipulation of human lives. Stories abound about bankers who do not age for centuries or famous street performers who re-appear every hundred years as if to celebrate some anniversary that nobody can remember.

Almost every humanoid race has it’s place in the Tapestry and the Dragons of the Tapestry would have it no other way. Each race is a piece of the Draconic Prophecy, woven together to shape the world. And if the Dragons of the Tapestry have a hand in the weaving, they assume that the humanoids are moving to fast to notice. Most times they are.

Racial Breakdown for the Tapestry: 35% Human, 30% Elven and Half Elven, 10% Dwarven, 5% Gnome, 5% Halfling, 5% Vishkanya, 5% Spellscale, 2% Shifter and 3% Other (Hobgoblin, Goblin, Kobold, Orc and Half Orc)

The Tapestry

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