The Thousand

It is said that in the Age of Dragons, there were a Thousand Houses of True Dragons that ruled all of the continent of Argonnessen. The Draconic Houses that do still exist claim to descend from these and indeed still call themselves by the same name which translated roughly into Common as “The Thousand.” They live out their lives in relative seclusion from humanity in a section of Argonnessen that bears the same name.

Geographically, The Thousand is a great wilderness inhabited primary by True Dragons and creatures that serve them. The Houses live together in “Flights” – groups of Dragons of common heritage who have agreed to live by the rules set down by the ancestors thousands of Dragon generations ago. Little similarity may exist from one Flight to another, though flights of the same Dragon type are more inclined to share common goals and belief systems. Some flights claim ancestry back to the First Age itself – others to great events which caused their progenitor to rise enough in rank to gain it’s own groups of followers. Life within a flight is often pleasant as such things go, so long as the Dragon lives within the rules of it’s society. Dragons which disobey the rules may be exiled to The Vast or to Join the Lights of Siberys or occasionally told to leave the continent of Argonnessen entirely – or, in some extreme cases, even put to death.

There are a relatively small number of humanoids in the Thousand. Most are from a family or clan that has served a particular flight for generations though some come from The Wilds with a particular Dragon when he returns to the Thousand after his fifty year trial. All humanoids in the Thousands are treated as second rate citizens with few rites beyond that of life itself – and some Dragons of the Thousand do not even value human life to that degree. Some Dragons of the Thousand are so hide bound that they see humans to be the cause of all that is wrong on Eberron and keep Iron Giants and Stone Golems are servants instead of the living. These are known to kill humans on site, no matter who they might be affiliated with.

The Thousand is a vast wilderness with many notable sites. The Great Aerie is a giant edifice said to have been built by dragon magic itself where the Conclave meets to discuss matters of Dragonkind. In the North, Dragon Priest of Thir worship at the holy site known simply as the Valley of the Three and in the deep South The Face of Ebberon is said to be waiting to speak the words that will fulfill the Draconic Prophecy and undo this world in preparation for the making of the next.

Racial Breakdown in the Thousand: Elven and Half Elven 30%, Human 25%, Dwarven 15%, Vishkanya 10%, Kobold 10%, Halfling 5%, Other 5% (Gnome, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc and Half Orc, Shifter and Spellscale)

Notable Sites: The Face of Eberron, Great Aerie, Valley of the Three, Temple to Bahamut at Myestria

The Thousand

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