The Vast

Also called Dja’Valarach in Draconic, it literally means “the void” or “the great open”. To Dragons it represents the air around the body when you are flying – or ultimate freedom. There are no rules in the vast – any dragon can control any territory that it can hold.

The vast is a massive swath of wilderness ruled only be the Greatest Dragon around. It is essentially the proving ground for young dragons of The Thousand – though older Dragons who suffer under the restriction of the rigid rules of their Flight and don’t wish to consort with humanoids in The Tapestry often carve out a home for themselves in the own niche of the Vast. Dragons may rule a particular section of the Vast for generations, or mere months or years if they grow bored or are chased off by a greater foe. Many Great Wyrms retire to the Vast to live out their lives as they see fit without the undo influence of living in closer proximity with other Dragons.

Many creatures besides True Dragons live in the Vasts because it is easy, despite all of the Dragon activity, to live under the radar of the Dragons – at least for a time. All of the Land Wyrms of Argennessen make their way to the Vasts eventually because it is here that (at least for a time) they can reign as King. Great nomadic hoards of humans and humanoids roam the Vasts, some with Draconic patrons and others by their own might. It takes an army to fight off a Dragon so free humanoids in the Vast tend to stick together in large numbers. A enterprising few have taken upon residence in old Dragon’s lair or built themselves fortresses for protection, but that tends to garner more attention and most times the societies fall apart or under Dragon control within a generation or so.

Most of the humanoids of the Vast live under the patronage of one or more Dominion Lord. How a Dominion Lord rules his or her land is entirely dependent on the Dragon and it’s particular temperament. Some rule with with intrigue, others fear – some demand to be worshiped as living Gods, others want sacrifices of gold, ore or even a tasty elven maiden. Some Dragons spend their time in the Vast trying to dispose of these Draconic tyrants expecting nothing more of the people that they free than a smile and a song. Humanoids who live their lives in the Vast may find themselves the subject of more than one Dominion Lord in their lifetime, and the smart ones live by learning how to adapt.

Far to the North, the Dominion Lords rule over a group of humanoid Barbarians called the Seren who both worship the Dragons and guard the Island from outside invaders.

The Vast is also home to the fabled city of knowledge, also called Io’lokar.

Racial Breakdown in the Vast: 30% Human, 15% Dwarven, 15% Kobold, 12% Goblin, 8% Orc and Half Orc, 5% Hobgoblin, 5% shifter, 3% Vishkanya, 3% Spellscale, 3% Gnome, 1% Other (Elven, Half Elven, and Halfling)

The Vast

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