The warforged are a race of living constructs that are created by the dying art of Artifice. They do not need to eat, breath or sleep though can be affected by magical foods and drinks. Though it is believed by scholars of such arts that it takes a Creation Forge to make a Warforged, nobody has found one to prove or anything to disprove this concept.

The personality of a Warforged is imprinted upon it by it’s Creator. Most are given duties upon creation which they continue to do, to the best of their ability, for as long as they are functional. Caring for the lives of humans and other humanoids is not always a prime directive of Warforged – often they are created to defend a city, or to help run vast Forges underground. Most Warforged pursue the task they were created for with a single minded determination that other sentient beings have a hard time comprehending.

All of the Warforged on the continent of Argonnessen live and work in the magical city of Io’lokar deep within The Vast. How the Warforged came to reside in the city is a mystery to it’s residents but their dedication to the city’s magical forges is undauntable and so many count the constructs among the city’s greatest blessings.

The Warforged of Io’lokar have a special relationship with the gnomes of the city that few of the other humanoids can comprehend. It is possible the the gnomes help to service these massive guardians and some whisper that they both worship the same mysterious God of Creation.


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