Argonnessen: A Draconic Exaltation

A Quest

It is a quiet night at the Wyvern’s Beard – there is a major bout going on at the Red Ring and most of the tavern’s normal clientele has gone to watch their resident favorite. The innkeep, a middle aged half elf named Ginny Linn and her bartender, a white haired elf named Calathes are the only two manning the common room when our adventures enter. Though quiet, things are a bit tense and the adventurer’s soon realize why when the Calathes explains to them that the shipment of Dragon’s Breath Ale that the inn was expecting is now quite late. He offers the ground a reward for information on what might have happened to the ale as well as information on the brewmaster Glitmar.

The group – without introducing themselves to one another – heads out to the Warehouse district to see if they can determine what might have happened. The find the warehouse and it looks like something might be amiss – the door seems recently damaged and perhaps repaired and there are recent singe marks on the center of the door where the pulleys are.

After much discussion they activate a fire trap laid in the door without being injured and yet nobody is willing to touch the door. Finally Lorelei promises part of her own reward to the hobgoblin Fizka and Fizka tries the door, only to discover that is locked from the inside. She tries to pick the lock unsuccessfully and eventually the party manages to push the key back out the lock and catch it, pulling it under the door to let themselves in.

Inside, the warehouse is in ruins – all of the cisterns of Dragon’s Breath Ale has been shattered on the bottom floor and they find the upper level, where an alchemist’s lab once existed, a complete wreck. Fizka thumbs through a book that appears to be a mundane ledger of the workings of the brewery and Lorelei decides to investigate a weird gnomish contraption on the ground. All goes well until Lorelei attempts to touch the contraption at which point a creature rises up from the corner and throws an alchemist bomb at her.

The creature drinks a potion, becoming a medium sized gnome female and claims to be the great Glitmar and threatens to bomb the group more if they don’t leave her in piece. The group attempts to intimidate her – until Maeve remembers that Glitmar is supposed to be a man. At that point, the Gnome drinks a second potion turning herself into a man but the party is not fooled – they start to leave her behind at which point she admits to them that she is Glitmar’s apprentice, Mirri. They convince Mirri to go back to the WB with them, but are ambushed at the door by two angry thugs.

Using the cover of darkness, the group overwhelms the thugs and kills one, against Mirri’s protests at which point Lorelei and Fizka agree to take her back to the inn while Maeve and Vexx stay behind to “watch their prisoners.” Callathes returns with them and surveys the damage, tells them to tie up the prisoners and leave them in an alley and then pay them their dues – asking them to return to the inn the following night once he has gathered more information.

Once he is gone, Vexx kills the remains prisoner.

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