elven assistant at the Wyvern's Beard


Calathes is tall for an elf and very thin with extremely angular features. Though he looks to be of young middle age, his hair is snow white and his skin white as paper. He has piercing ice blue eyes.


Calathes was presumably born and raised in the Haven and has been the assistant to Ginny Linn at the Wyvern’s Beard for as long as anybody can remember. Some people say that he hasn’t aged a day since he took the job but he is a full blooded elf, so that’s not that uncommon.

He runs all of the gambling at the Wyvern’s Beard and takes an especially liking for anybody who appears exceptionally lucky and does not approve of cheating in any fashion.

Recently discovered to be a Silver Dragon – he has been turned to the path of She Who Must Not Be Named by a ritual with a bell, he is now horribly insane.


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