Half-Elf Oracle


Oo’Thea bears a distinctive mark of the historical Thea in her silvery draconic growths from the scalp replacing hair. These small tentacle-like protrusions move expressively and are very sensitive to environmental changes. Since her ascension to the seat of Thea, they have been adorned with the relic baubles said to belong to the original Thea who also bore this draconic mark. Accurate to portrayals of the historical Thea, she is tall of stature and clad in silk monk’s robes. During ritual re-enactments she wields a quarterstaff with fierce grace and appears to strike deadly with her bare hands.

For those who have seen her outside official appearances, it is clear that Oo’Thea is not truly a monk.


A Chosen Child of the temple, Oo’ Thea has lived a charmed life. Her home is the icy temple city of Myestria Temple to Bahamut at Myestria, in the mountains of the North Wind, deep in the Thousand. A beautiful and ethereal child, she was identified at birth among the half-elves of the temple to be the most recent reincarnated form of the ancient hero Thea, loyal servant of the god Bahamut. intheworks_dmd_1.jpg
The temple at Myestria has been the seat of the Thea for more than 100 generations, or so the stories hint. In each half-elven generation, one of the general common is identified as carrying on the spirit of the historical/mythical heroine. With much sensation, the most recent Thea, called Oo’Thea, is the embodiment of the ancient heroine in spirit, body, and name. Keepers of the lore in the temple have decreed that there has not been a more accurate incarnation of the ancient heroine in the histories to date. There is great debate surrounding her destiny and purpose, and factions within the temple have arisen with conflicting prophecy.
Oo’Thea herself has recently sought sequester and peace in one of the highest towers, where she has vowed to meditate and fast until the great Dragon Bahamut sees fit to reveal to her her true destiny.


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