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  • The Krags

    Unknown to most outsiders to Dakka Falls, the Krags is a haven for monstrous humanoids hidden behind the grand waterfalls of sewage that give the borough its name. In the Krags there is no law except that of a sword or claw. Organization is a fluid as …

  • The Crags

    Nestled back among the rocks behind the Dakka Falls, the Crags is a refuge for all monstrous creatures. There are few businesses - a gambling den of ill repute known as [[Sway-jin's Shinies | Sway-jin's Shinies]] and a witch shop called "Hexes by Halia" …

  • Orc du Soleil

    Everything that you didn't know you needed in an Orc circus. How do the orcs get so...flexible? Found down the street from the Gobl Inn, because of course it is.

  • The Gobl Inn

    A hole in the wall (literally) designed to be a halfway house for goblins in need. One small bar downstairs and four closet-sized rooms with a water closet at the end of the hall. Recently changed hands - seems to currently be owned by Burt Macklin …

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