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  • Black Iron

    A huge smithy complex at the center of [[Dhul Darum | Dhul Darum]], this is where the "magic" happens. The front of the complex is open to the public with stalls selling iron and stone worked wares of lesser, common and masterwork quality. Doors to …

  • Thanked Tankard

    A low quality tavern on the "bad" side of Dhul Darum and the new home of a famous Dwarven chef known as Elmrik. Serving amazingly good grub on the cheap and low quality beers to the masses.

  • Drill and Bit

    A formidable team of gnome artificer and his warforged companion, Drill and Bit are a two-man Khyber shard recovery machine. Drill was designed for be virtually fire proof and as an extra-large warforged, he has an internal cavity in his abdomen big …

  • Gimliff

    Though born to a Gnomish family living in New Sharn, Gimliff was so gifted at Enchanting that his parents paid the high price for him to travel to Io'Lokar and learn from the leading Gnome experts in all of Argonnessen. He has made the journey from New …

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