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  • The Guilded Lily

    Part bathhouse, part brothel, run by the mysterious half elf who calls herself [[:lotus | Lotus]] - used to be called the Lily Pad but recently changed names, nobody know why. Rumored to be affiliated with the half elf crime organization.

  • Ginny Lin

    Though most people don't know it, Ginny Lin hails from a long line of [[Changeling | Changelings]] who have been trying to make their lives in [[Argonnessen | Argonnessen]] by flying under the radar of both the [[True Dragon | True Dragons]] and the more …

  • William Lars

    New to New Sharn, Willie as he is commonly known, has a mysterious background. His name is unpronounceable in the common tongue, but he was named Wee Willie by the Dwarves whom he travelled to New Sharn with. He is a bit of a detective and is known to …

  • Lira Kai

    Lira Kai runs the palace shaped nightclub known as "Nubu" in the [[the Haven | Haven]] district of [[New Sharn | New Sharn]]. He is also a leader in the half elven criminal organization known as Wkar Gavir. She is most well known for her love of …

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