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  • Baronet Tavor Greymantle

    [[The Sunshine Boys | The Sunshine Boys]] is a well-oiled machine which leaves the Baronet to pursue his own devices most of the time which include throwing lavish parties, skirt chasing, and holding court at his favorite tavern The Roseate Boar. This …

  • Kharrik Greymantle

    Firstborn son and heir apparent to [[Baronet Tavor Greymantle | Baronet Tavor Greymantle]], Kharrik Greymantle is known by many in Dhul Darum. Known to be mean and quick to pick a fight, Kharrik is proud of the Greymantle name and quick to take slight. …

  • Tyshria and Thelvor Greymantle

    The fraternal twins born to [[Baronet Tavor Greymantle | Baronet Tavor Greymantle]] and his third wife, these two are known to be the left hand and right hand of the Baronet in [[The Sunshine Boys | The Sunshine Boys]]. They are so alike that, despite …

  • Dalmir Greymantle

    The youngest son of [[Baronet Tavor Greymantle | Baronet Tavor Greymantle]], he has recently been given more responsibility in the organization and is very keen to prove himself to his older brother [[Kharrik Greymantle | Kharrik]].

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