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  • Lysette Greymantle

    Socialite and eldest daughter of [[Baronet Tavor Greymantle | Baronet Tavor Greymantle]], Lysette is one of the darlings of [[Dhul Darum | Dhul Darum]]. Known for her trendsetting fashion sense (she was responsible for the beads in beards fashion …

  • Lyssglian Greymantle

    Little is known about Lyssglian Greymantle and her relationship, if she has one, to her Father [[Baronet Tavor Greymantle | Baronet Tavor Greymantle]]. Her parents divorced before she was an adult and she runs a high-end Dwarven Habidashery called The …

  • Dalmir Greymantle

    The youngest son of [[Baronet Tavor Greymantle | Baronet Tavor Greymantle]], he has recently been given more responsibility in the organization and is very keen to prove himself to his older brother [[Kharrik Greymantle | Kharrik]].

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