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  • Watchdogs

    A long, long time ago...on a continent far away...there was a Great War. All of the nations battled one another using feats of inhuman engineering and amazing magics and much was lost. A whole nation was swallowed in one day - and the Great General …

  • The Faceless

    The outside world knows little about The Faceless. There are whispers of them in the lowest gutters and the highest towers. Its members are believed to have infiltrated every rung of the social ladder but few could ever say they knew one.

  • Wkar Gavir

    The Wkar Gavir is a mysterious half-elven criminal organization that appears to control most, if not all, of the district of [[the Haven | Haven]] in [[New Sharn | New Sharn]]. Similar in many ways to the mafia, it is responsible for protection, money …

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