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  • Smokin' Berserker

    Definitely strongly associated with the golds in the Haven, TSB is a high-end gastronomy pub who serves up traditional dishes with a modern twist. The prices are high, the portions are small and almost everything on the menu

  • Drunken Clam

    A raw bar set high in the cliffs of Cliffside. Everything on the menu is served ceviche style and many of the items on the menu are listed in draconic instead of common. It seems like a place where the dragons slumming it and the high and mighty who

  • Indigo

    An elven food wagon known for its natural cuisine always set up around the main bazaar with food being sold out of a wagon and a good number of tables surrounding it. The food is notably simple, wine and cheese and cured meats are a

  • Tresbien

    Set in one of the towers within Cliffside, Trebien is a black-tie affair. Reservations fill up weeks in advance and many believe that you cannot get a seat in the establishment at all if you do not pledge a favor. It is also notably not a safe place

  • Villa Rose

    A small persons restaurant on the cliff side of Cliffside. Everything in the restaurant is sized for a small individual and the food is exceptionally exotic. Run by a pudgy halfling called Nordster.

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