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  • Thanked Tankard

    A low quality tavern on the bad side of Dhul Darum and the new home of a famous Dwarven chef known as Elmrik. Serving amazingly good grub on the cheap and low quality beers to the masses.

  • The Open Wineskin

    A lowbrow tavern on the seedy side of Mythlnore for its cheap wine and whores run by an aging elf named Isla with leathery skin, too much rouge, and blue-grey hair. She may have been a beauty back in the day, its hard to tell.

  • Sway-jin's Shinies

    Most people will never make it deep enough into Dakka Falls to find the Crags and then deep enough within the Crags to find Swayjins Shinies, for that they should find themselves fortunate. The establishment is best known as a gambling

  • The Gobl Inn

    A hole in the wall (literally) designed to be a halfway house for goblins in need. One small bar downstairs and four closet-sized rooms with a water closet at the end of the hall.

    Recently changed hands seems to currently be owned by

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