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  • A Quest

    It is a quiet night at the Wyverns Beard there is a major bout going on at the Red Ring and most of the taverns normal clientele has gone to watch their resident favorite. The innkeep, a middle aged half elf named Ginny Linn and

  • Ginny Lin

    Anybody trying to guess the age of Ginny Lin might be off be fifty years or more. She just has one of those ageless faces. Likewise, in one breath you might be inclined to call her beautiful but plain in the next.

    She has long dark brown hair

  • Gwendalyn

    More beautiful than words, Gwen is the quintessential diva. She is a half elf of indeterminable original with long black hair, vibrant green eyes and dark brown skin. She favors dresses which make her look intently glamorous and sings with a long, husky

  • Lindsay

    An older Half Elf Bard who seems to be part sage and part minstrel. He knows everything that there is to know about everything or at least a story about everything that there is to know about everything. He also plays the harp and can sing quite the

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