Dakka Falls

Nobody knows how or when the Goblinoids ended up in New Sharn, certainly none of the other lesser races invited the Goblins and Hobgoblins. In a city that prides itself on being free humans with little to no draconic contact, creatures who look so unhuman are a constant reminder of everybody’s shared draconic patronage – if not direct parentage. It is really no surprise then that the goblinoids of New Sharn have created a home for themselves in the sewer tunnels below the city proper and out of the direct site and ridicule of the upper inhabitants. Though the residents like to call their section of the city “Little Dhakaan” after the mythical time of the Dhakaani empire when they have told they once had dominion over the other races – the slums are most often known as Dakka Falls after the large sewer pipes of sludge that run constantly from above and into the wide canals that run between the buildings.

Though Dakka Falls is undeniably a slum, there is a fair amount of business that gets conducted within it’s streets. For one thing, Dakka Falls is the closest place to the tunnels which lead down into Khyber that are used be the enterprising Dwarves for mining operations and caravan transportation across the continent. The Dwarves and Hobgoblins have long had an understanding – the Goblins guard the tunnels and keep them free of vermin from Khyber beyond and the Dwarves pay a tax on any trade that enters or leaves the city through the Goblin tunnels. This has made the Goblinoid culture wealthier than one might image for a slum and has created a vast network of criminal organization with Dakka Falls. Dakka Falls is known to be one of the best places in the city (rivaled only by The Haven) to find all manners of illicit trade, brothels and gambling dens.

Notable Features:

The Krags
Little Dhakkan
Orc du Soleil
The Gobl Inn

Dakka Falls

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