Also known as the magical district of New Sharn, Azkoria is home to the three major magical schools of the city: The Indarcica College of Relativistic Enchanting, the Pelasium School of Academic Alchemy and the Noresana University of Popular Magiks. Legend has it that when the city was first formed, three dragons stood in it’s protection: Indarcica, Pelasium and Noresana. Each believed in the capacity of the lesser races to learn the great magics of dragonkind, but each had their own unique method for teaching their students. Over time these three schools have thought have diverged all together until they are almost unrecognizable from one another. Indarcica’s students went on to master the arts of wizardry, Pelasium’s alchemy and Noresana’s magecraft.

The district itself lives to support it’s magical colleges. Any person with magical aptitude is welcome within it’s ranks and the streets are dotted with small shops selling potions, scrolls, wands or other magical trinkets. For a small fee, you can have a magewright cast a spell of protection over your residence or place of business and the magewright guilds keep much of the city functional as a whole. Even the most anti-magic types have to admit that life in New Sharn would be much less pleasant without the magical plumbing or light services that almost every resident takes for granted.

Here also you can find magic teleportation services, though at a great cost.

The Pestle – a almost comically over the top gaudy Alchemy Store
The League of Independent Archanists – a guild of sorcerers (primarily spellscales) who sell their services at a 5% discount from services purchased from the Universities, though not strictly “legal”
Magecraft Ltd. – a store front associated with Norasana’s University of Popular Magiks, it sells low level items made by apprentice magewrights
Raurek Red Eye – an Orc specializing in necromancy who sells Raise Dead spells and scrolls at a discounted rate, also necromantic supplies
Lady Chandra – a Seer of some repute, sells Divination and Illusion spells
Shrine to Kol Korran – offers magic items in exchange for a “donation”
Runes and Rote – basic writing supplies as well as scrolls for common spells needed in the city – run by an old human Wizard named Xinfamel with an owl familar named Korrah
Pots, Potions and Potpourri – an overly fragrant store front selling general potions, perfumes, candles, incense and other basic magical supplies – run by a lively elf named Fern who has a full greenhouse on top of her shop
Wilhelm’s Wicked Wizardry – wands created by an old Vishkanya named Reethe (nobody knows who “Wilhelm” is)

Notable NPC: Zinkinian


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