Few people know or truly understand why the governmental district of New Sharn – a city sitting precariously open on the planes of the Tapestry – would be known as “Cliffside.” Perhaps it is because the towers of Cliffside sit high above the rest of the city and the Dragonhawks which make their residence at their heights can often be seen careening overhead as one might image birds on a cliff to be. If there are larger shapes sometimes seen flitting in the shadows above Cliffside at night, well, nobody wants to talk about too much, it might attract the wrong type of attention.

In true metropolitan fashion, Cliffside is a mix of governmental and recreation buildings with a smattering of high end living accommodations thrown in for good measure. The main square hold the Cathedral to the Sovereign Host on the East side and an embassy house to each of the recognized lesser races around it. During important festivals the square is filled with light, laughter and color as the denizens of the city gather together to celebrate the holidays of the Sovereigns, but for the rest of the year it is filled with scurrying diplomats and clerks moving efficiently about their jobs.

Most of the residents of New Sharn don’t stop to wonder why so many of the clerks and diplomats of the city are Halflings, it has just always been that way.

The high rises of the district stretch up around the central square like protective arms, providing much of the high end apartments and expensive eateries and night clubs in the city itself. In a city known for it’s acceptance of everybody, the exclusivity of these establishments is of note – more than a handful require membership or are by invite-only. One that is open to the public is The Glitterdust Nightclub – a favorite hot spot for Halflings and other small folk.

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