New Sharn

The Great Draconic Scholars of the Tapestry believe that in order to truly study the Draconic Prophecy, one must immerse oneself in the teaming masses of humanity. They are the ones, after all, who have developed the Dragon Marks and this must irrevocably link them to the Prophecy, though this is a matter of some debate.

Thus the city of New Sharn was born. Any humanoid person who finds themselves on the continent of Argonnessen may seek shelter and amnesty in the Free City of New Sharn, no matter their social standing or crimes elsewhere. That is, of course, if they can make it to the far North East coast on the vast continent in the first place, but that is a problem for lesser creatures to undertake and not something that most of the Dragons of the Tapestry worry about often. Within New Sharn, every human is safe and free – and the Dragons have a perfect petrie dish with which to study their interactions.

New Sharn is a metropolitan city where all races – Draconic or otherwise – rub elbows on a daily basis. Each established race holds it’s own district with it’s own rules and conventions and a few organizations have their own boroughs where individuals of like mind – regardless of race – may meet and live side by side with those of their shared ideals. Like all humanoids on the continent of Argonnessen, inhabitants of New Sharn know that they live on the whim of Dragons, but that means something very different here than elsewhere on the Great Continent.

For ease of contact – and to keep the fearful hordes from running screaming – most Dragons who live or study within New Sharn choose to do so as a polymorphed humanoid. These Dragons may live in human form for years at a time and it is not unheard of for a New Sharnian to find that one of their closest friends is in fact a Dragon and not who they appeared to be at all. Rumors abound within the city about who is and is not a polymorphed Dragon (politicians and celebrities always serve as likely targets).

As might be expected, not all of the humanoids within the city like or enjoy the continued Draconic presence. One notable organization – known as the “Watchdogs” – patrols the streets of New Sharn hoping to not only root out any Dragonkind but also any humanoids with obvious ties to Dragons or strong Draconic traits. They take special interest in finding and detaining the Spellscales, children of sorcerers with extremely prominent Draconic features. Since the Spellscales are always born of Sorcerous couplings, some Watchdogs seek to hold all Sorcerer’s as suspected consorts of Dragonkind and users of Draconic magics.

Districts: The Haven, Dhul Darum, Mythlnore, Cliffside, Azkoria, Dakka Falls, The Kennels

New Sharn

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