The Krags

Unknown to most outsiders to Dakka Falls, the Krags is a haven for monstrous humanoids hidden behind the grand waterfalls of sewage that give the borough its name.

In the Krags there is no law except that of a sword or claw. Organization is a fluid as the sewage that you have to pass beneath to enter the Krags – that is to say viscous and sometimes more chunky than you want to think about. Some creature take up permanent residence here – tending the less intelligent monsters or mining – others travel here to get away from the crowds of more humanoids above and truly be “yourself.”

Though many creatures have taken up residence in the warren of natural caverns there are a few more permanent structures – a hidden druid garden, a gambling den, a whore house, a tavern, a hex shop and a hobgoblin inn that is a front for on the biggest gang presences anywhere in New Sharn.

The population is mixed – hobgoblins, goblins and bugbears find their home mostly in the inn, but you are as likely to see a gorgon or gargoyle, as well as minotaur, vishkanya, harpies, shifters, gnolls and trolls

The Krags

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